For all who are passionate about sustaining creative and critical practice in mental health, in situations that can feel constrained (hence our group name!).

Open to mental health practitioners, students, educators, service users and carers and others with an interest in engaging in discussion and debate, reciprocal learning and support.

  • Share critical and creative ideas and develop strategies for putting them into practice.
  • Hear invited speakers on topics that can help to shape such practice.

We hold informal planning meetings (generally in a cafe or pub) and more structured events on topics of interest.  Meetings are run on a participatory model and members are expected to respect and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of others.

For further information contact Bob Sapey or Jill Anderson –  ccramhp@gmail.com

Additionally we have a discussion group using Google Groups. If you would like to join, email ccramhp@gmail.com

Download CCrAMHP flyer:



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi,

    My name is Maria Marsden. I am a psychiatric survivor, founder of the SHARP Survivor-Led Community Group (A subgroup of the Gregson Community Association). I have also just completed a IGA Diploma in Groupwork (Institute of Group Analysis) and are continuing with own group-analytic psychotherapy and participation in a work reflection group, working towards progressing to my final qualifying years. I am interested in attending your meetings and joining the google groups. Bob Sapey and myself have met a few years ago. The SHARP (Self-Help Art and Recovery Project) groups and projects are new and innovative. We also put on a number of events you may be interested in and are informed by our own multi-disciplinary discussions

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