April 2013 meeting

Psychiatry Beyond the Current Paradigm

Nav Cchina is one of 29 authors of Psychiatry Beyond the Current Paradigm which was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in December 2012 (see abstract below). Nav will join us for a conversation about this paper and the ideas that come from the Critical Psychiatry Network.

Nav is a consultant psychiatrist, currently working in early intervention psychosis in Cumbria with the NHS. Nav is a member of the critical psychiatry movement. She has never done any research or attended conferences funded by pharma and doesn’t meet the reps or eat their lunches or use their pens and mousemats!

29th April, 6-8 pm at the Friends Meeting House, Lancaster


A series of editorials in this Journal have argued that psychiatry is in the midst of a crisis. The various solutions proposed would all involve a strengthening of psychiatry’s identity as essentially ‘applied neuroscience’. Although not discounting the importance of the brain sciences and psychopharmacology, we argue that psychiatry needs to move beyond the dominance of the current, technological paradigm. This would be more in keeping with the evidence about how positive outcomes are achieved and could also serve to foster more meaningful collaboration with the growing service user movement.