February 2013 meeting

Connecting People

Martin Webber is a Reader in Social Work at the University of York. He is coming to CCrAMHP to discuss the Connecting People project.  Connecting People operates through the principles and practice of co-production.  It is investigating the potential of social care workers to assist people with mental health problems to develop and enhance their social relationships. Rather than a traditional model of workers ‘doing’ and individuals ‘receiving’, workers and individuals co-create the objectives and actions together. Decision making is a shared process and both the worker and individual take responsibility for acting upon the decisions made.

You might like to look, before the meeting, at the Connecting People website: http://connectingpeoplestudy.net/
and Martin’s blog which is here: http://martinwebber.net/

February 25th, 6-8 pm at the Friends Meeting House, Lancaster

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