Building mental health support – meeting on 6 June

Some of us at CCrAMHP have been talking about what it might involve to set up a mental health support project that was more in line with the alternative perspectives we discuss during meetings.

We have no firm ideas as yet, but thought it might be good to get together any other interested people – to discuss what potential ideas we all have and see if we come up with anything we would like to explore further.

There is no particular agenda – just to start talking would be the first phase, and we can see what comes of it, stage by stage. Whatever the outcome we are likely to learn something interesting at each stage along the way!

If you are interested in joining us then please get in touch (just add a comment here) or come along to the Gregson Centre bar on Thursday 6 June at 7pm. 

Directions on this page:

Christina, Jill and Tamasin