Mad World: an exhibition on sane people in insane situations

Art Exhibition at St Margaret’s House From 29th May to 21stJune

*** Official opening on 29 May from 6-9pm ***

Come along and to an art exhibition which aims to challenge the world to discover the insane. The exhibitions, which brings together work from a variety of artists, reveals perspectives on ‘madness’ which are not commonly found in the rhetoric of the medical institutions.You are invited to decide who is ‘sane’ and who is ‘crazy’ by looking at the art and exhibits. The idea reformulates psychologists David Rosenhan and Martin Seligman’s famous work ‘On Sane People in Insane Places’.

This exhibition is inspired by the emerging academic field of Mad Matters, the work of Mad People’s History, Oor Mad History,Asylum Magazine, Advocard and countless other organisations and indviduals.

The exhibition will be held in Gallery One of Edinburgh Palette

From 27th May to 21st June

Edinburgh Palette
St. Margaret’s House
151 London Road
Telephone: 0131 661 1924

Encourage your students and colleagues to attend, and click here to FIND OUT MORE

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