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Two forthcoming events in Manchester: Autumn 2017

Yiyn Li at the Manchester Literature festival on 14 October

A luminous and profound memoir about the consolations of literature, Dear Friend, from My Life I Write to You in Your Life was written over two years, during which author Yiyun Li was in and out of hospital battling depression.

A Disorder for everyone: exploring the culture of psychiatric diagnosis on 8 December, 2017

This day is for anyone who is interested in and concerned about the current debates in ‘mental health.’ It provides a space to explore the critical questions of the day around the biomedical model and the narrative of ‘diagnosis and disorder!’


Nature and Wellbeing

See here for list of links. 
There is increasing evidence that nature has a positive impact on mental wellbeing.  Mark Christie and Fiona Cole – from the University of Cumbria – recently did some research looking at the experience of volunteers with mental health problems who attended a centre (in a woodland setting) that promoted health and wellbeing through green exercise.

Mark and Fiona will be joining us at CCrAMHP on Friday 11 August 2017 from 6-8pm  to talk about their research and get in to a conversation about nature and wellbeing.

We will be meeting at Fork2Fork in Lancaster
See here for details and directions:
There is a shelter (ie a roof) but it has no sides, so – if necessary – please dress warmly!
**** We plan to have a picnic.  Contributions welcome! ***

Email if you plan to attend, and if you would like a lift – and do please pass the word around.  All welcome.

Mad World: an exhibition on sane people in insane situations

Art Exhibition at St Margaret’s House From 29th May to 21stJune

*** Official opening on 29 May from 6-9pm ***

Come along and to an art exhibition which aims to challenge the world to discover the insane. The exhibitions, which brings together work from a variety of artists, reveals perspectives on ‘madness’ which are not commonly found in the rhetoric of the medical institutions.You are invited to decide who is ‘sane’ and who is ‘crazy’ by looking at the art and exhibits. The idea reformulates psychologists David Rosenhan and Martin Seligman’s famous work ‘On Sane People in Insane Places’.

This exhibition is inspired by the emerging academic field of Mad Matters, the work of Mad People’s History, Oor Mad History,Asylum Magazine, Advocard and countless other organisations and indviduals.

The exhibition will be held in Gallery One of Edinburgh Palette

From 27th May to 21st June

Edinburgh Palette
St. Margaret’s House
151 London Road
Telephone: 0131 661 1924

Encourage your students and colleagues to attend, and click here to FIND OUT MORE

Hearing Voices App


You may recall that some of us contributed to testing a prototype version of this app, which Tamasin has been involved in developing.  It is now publicly available.

‘This free mobile app simulates the experience of Hearing Voices and provides a valuable educational resource for health and social care professionals’.

View the video

Trip to Liverpool

We are organising a trip to see the exhibition: Group therapy – mental health in a digital age

It will take place on Sunday 26 April 2015.  Contact Jill or Bob if you would like to join us:

Sick! Festival

SICK! Festival is the first festival in the UK dedicated to revealing and debating our most urgent physical, mental and social challenges – and is expanding in 2015 into venues across Brighton and Manchester.

SICK! Festival was launched in 2013 as the first festival of its kind in the UK dedicated to exploring the medical, mental and social challenges of life and death and how we survive them (or don’t). SICK! presents an outstanding international, cross art-form programme featuring theatre, dance, film, public installations and debates in venues across Brighton & Hove, Manchester and Salford.

The festival seeks out new ways of talking about and dealing with the bad times that are unflinching, informed, irreverent and humane. It is a reflection on those experiences that are most personal to us, but which somehow connect us all as individuals with bodies, minds and lives that sometimes go wrong.

SICK! Festival is delivered in partnership with leading arts organisations, medical and academic institutions, charities and community groups.

Manchester programme of events

Mick McKeown’s session

It is often the relationships between the providers of services and people on the receiving end which are at the heart of people’s experiences of the mental health system.  As we have discussed in the past, both service users and carers, on the one hand, and workers, on the other, can feel alienated by current approaches to delivering services.  Mick McKeown is a Reader in the School of Health at the University of Central Lancaster and active in the Trades Union movement.  He is interested in how alliances can be built between mental health workers and the psychiatric survivor movement, and the role of Trade Unions within that.  Mick has also thought and written a lot about the relationship between community-based groups such as CCrAMHP and Higher Education Institutions. Mick will share some of his ideas, as a starting point for discussion, which might include some thinking about the alliances that CCrAMHP might seek to make with other groups, institutions and initiatives.