29 January 2015

January 29th 2015
At this meeting we discussed a range of issues, including ideas for CCrAMHP meetings over the coming year. Please add your memories of the meeting – and relevant links – in comments below.

6 thoughts on “29 January 2015”

  1. Really enjoyed yesterday evening, meeting you all and hearing of your interests and your connections to the group and of course the discussions.

    With regards to the small groups fund – it is for groups of carers! There is another body who grant funds called Galbraith Trust if that is any help.

    I have a new book on my booklist ‘guitar zero’ which sounds like an inspired window into how we are still able to learn a musical instrument as an adult, despite thinking one might not have any musical talents! Thank you for the information Bob!

    Bob also mentioned Ed Milliband’s discourse on ‘a mentally healthy society’ press.labour.org.uk/…/ed-miliband-com…

    A new app is coming out soon called ‘hearing voices’ – I found that very exciting as it sounds like it has the potential to raise awareness of how it must feel to hear voices for carers, partners, Jo Public – that was my interpretation anyway!

  2. my recollection of the meeting is being comfortable with a chocolate biscuit and a coffee near at hand and fascinated particularly by talk about music and prisons, weaving around various others socio-political issues and reminiscences from the storehouse of CCrAMHP memories … i hope the whole kaboodle can generate further happenings with community events/links, written and internet manifestations, word-of-mouth associations … it’s The best place to be on a Monday night (even though on this occasion it was Thursday)

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